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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 6, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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refused, citing safety concerns. >> we have two other owners. it's an officer in the los gatos police department and a business member in the los gatos business community. >> who are these individuals, for the record? >> can i confer to my counsel before we answer that question, sir? >> reporter: chang's attorney says the death threat validates the decision to try and protect his partners, but it will not scare chang away from los gatos. >> this does not deter robert. robert is a -- he is not just a businessman. he is also a civil rights advocate. >> reporter: chang is now taking extra security precautions. the next hearing on guns in los gatos is scheduled for monday night. no word yet if this latest development will change that reporting live in los gatos, jean elle, nbc bay area news. happening now, a parolee is on the loose tonight after a wild escape from san jose
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police. juror kiriyama is with us tonight. how did this happen and is he considered dangerous? >> reporter: well, raj, yeah, he is considered dangerous. this is where san jose police found this man. let me tell you, found this man right near the almaden expressway. they are looking for this guy right now. they handcuffed him, put him in this unmarked police van earlier this afternoon. an officer was outside this van. he was distracted. he was doing some paperwork. and that's when anthony sanchez somehow slipped the handcuffs from the back of his body to the front, probably slipping them underneath his feet. at that point he jumped into the driver's seat and then took off. now sanchez is a 32-year-old man from san jose. he was arrested for some probation violation warrants. we are told he is big for his height. listen to this, 5'8" and 275 pounds. and neighbors who live on ren drive can't believe sanchez was able to escape from this. >> yeah, i was kind of shocked.
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who can do that? the guy, how can he get out of -- we kind of don't know what to think, you know. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: san jose police say there are no weapons in the van, but they're hoping someone remembers a man about 5'8" and 275 pounds walking around with handcuff, though it's possible by now he has the handcuffs off his body. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> george, thank you. more details now about that mysterious death of a local teenager. federal agents are now on the case. how did a 13-year-old girl from suisun city end up dead in a fairfield park? the body of genelle conaway-allen was found dead. tonight the dea and department of justice have joined the investigation. earlier today fairfield police said their case is moving forward, but they're not ready to share what was uncovered. the man who might be responsible for one of the bay area's most notorious crimes is dead, but the sfpd is haunted by this case, and says the investigation is very much
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alive. tonight the family of the mission child, kevin collins, is reacting to a major development in this highly publicized cold case. let's bring in nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney with the details. terry? >> reporter: a lot of people have been following the disappearance of kevin collins for many years. tonight i spoke with steven collins, kevin's brother. he said he has seen many breakthroughs over the years, but this one looks like the real thing. this is the person of interest in the disappearance of kevin collins. this is man san francisco police knew mostly as wayne jackson. he had at least four aliases, and that's what threw police off his trail. >> based on jackson's description, his residence on masonic avenue, his ownership of a large black dog, and his criminal history, we are investigating jackson as a person of interest in this case. >> reporter: jackson was 6 feet tall, blond, and had a black dog, just like the person last seen talking to collins in february of 1984 at masonic and
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oak streets in san francisco. jackson lived on masonic. >> it's hard to look at it and not think, you know, that this is it, or this was very, very likely that this is what happened. >> reporter: kevin's brother steven found out last night from police that when kevin vanished, officers knew of jackson's 1991 connection to a kidnapping and molestation of a 7-year-old boy in san francisco. in february of '84, police interviewed jackson, and they searched his house. >> so that's my brother mike and myself here, gary, and kevin. >> reporter: but in 1984, police did not know about jackson's arrest for molesting two boys in canada in 1973, because he went under another name after he jumped bail, he fled to the united states. police dug up the basement in jackson's former masonic street home last month and found bones, but probably animal bones. miss say they know where jackson is now.
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he is buried under the name dan therrien. he died in san francisco in 2008. >> it's bittersweet to think about it. because it's more information. it possibly answers the question of what happened to kevin. and so, you know, but what does that bring? that brings the emotions of what happened to kevin. >> reporter: this breakthrough came when a couple new officers were assigned to the cold case unit. chief suhr was asked why they're still looking for kevin collins with such vigor, and he said this is all about finding kevin. live on treasure island, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> all right, terry, thank you. live pictures tonight from our palo alto camera. it's pointed toward the dunbarton bridge. it's dry now, as you can see. but just wait a few hours. the rain will breck our 13-day dry stretch. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now with the rain timeline. good evening, jeff. >> good evening to you, raj.
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it really is unbelievable when you think about november and december and how much rain we picked up here across the bay area. some 5 to 10 inches. and then for all of 2013, we've only seen an inch or less of rain from the north bay to the south bay. you can see the area we're focused in on for the best chance of our rainfall for tomorrow morning is still about 207 offshore. eventually, this will move in for that morning commute. and it looks like those of you in the north bay right now will be in the first zone of those raindrops as we head into 6:00 a.m. it's going to be slow to move to the south bay, but it will be bringing rainfall to everyone here. not only that, but wintry conditions up across the sierra. we'll also talk about the chance here of some very low snow across the bay area, and who might get a rain/snow mix down on the valley floor, coming up in few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. it is a troubling time for 49ers, and it has little to do with football. one of the team's well-known players is mourning the loss of two of his family members. they were killed shortly after the super bowl. this is a picture of delaney
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walker franked by his aunt and uncle, alice and brian young. this picture was taken just last week in new orleans. they came to watch their nephew in the big game. after the super bowl, they were killed by a suspected drunk driver. their car was struck while parked on the side of the freeway near new orleans. the 26-year-old driver was arrested for dui and vehicular homicide. she was not injured. drunk driving is a problem on super bowl sunday. here in the bay area, there were 50 dui arrests. the chp started patrols at noon on super bowl sunday. there were also two alcohol-related crashes that resulted in life-threatening injuries. well, new at 11:00, an unlocked door may have made it easy for someone to steal thousands of dollars in uncashed checks from a menlo park church. bethany lutheran church reported in late january that checks totalling more than $20,000 were stolen from the church's main office. san mateo county sheriff's deputies say there were no signs of forced entry, which could
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mean someone left a door unlocked. so far no suspects have been identified. a follow-up now tonight on a controversial white house memo. the white house now says is it will brief congress on legal justifications for drone strikes against u.s. citizens. nbc news obtained the memo earlier this week. it concluded the u.s. can legally order the killing of american citizens believed to be al qaeda leaders. until today, the white house wouldn't confirm the memo even existed. well, a mother watches es r as a nanny slaps her child. what happened next. and then investigator stephen stock uncovers why the same procedures might have different price tags and why the bill you get is unlikely what you'll pay. and we're following developing news link tonight. a former cop is on the run. the manhunt happening now in southern california for a former l.a. police officer linked to the murder. why he could be plotting more.
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it's next.
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a developing story in southern california. detectives are looking for a former lapd officer they think killed two people. officers think christopher dorner committed the murders because he is upset from his termination. one of the victims was the daughter of a lapd captain. tonight police have a manifesto that they say dorner wrote in which he said the murders were a necessary evil. the victim's father is mentioned several times in the manifesto. we'll keep you updated on the search for this man in southern california.
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well, the state legislature is now considering a new law to implicate president obama's health care overhaul. our investigative unit found it likely won't drive down any of the health care costs. but that's not all. investigative reporter stephen stock discovered major flaws in the current way costs here in california are reported to customers. stephen? >> reporter: raj, under current california law, anyone can get a list of prices for hospital services. what it cost you for an emergency room visit, for instance. it's called the payer's bill of rights and it's intended to give you information about the cost of your health care. but we discovered a wildly inaccurate and broken system, one that makes it almost impossible for you to really know exactly how much you're going to pay for that hospital visit. in a perfect world, health experts say, finding and getting the best deal at the hospital should be like going to buy a car. >> what you end up paying is a
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bargaining thing between your skill as a consumer and the car dealer's skill as a seller. >> reporter: try doing that at any bay area hospital and you'll find a wide variation in prices, and a bill that isn't close to the one you were originally were quoted. >> you're sick. you're going to the hospital for something important. you don't know what it costs or how they price it. so how are you going to end up working out the right price for you? >> reporter: david lan ski ought to know. he is president and ceo of pacific business group on health, a coalition representing major companies with three million california employees. >> in california, the system does not work, flat-out. you have almost no information about the actual prices paid for medical services. >> i would never go buy a car without knowing, you know, what everything is going to cost up-front. >> reporter: doris schwartz works in the medical field. she is a clinical psychologist, and she knows firsthand the nightmare of trying to negotiate california's health care pricing system. >> it's been quite an adventure trying to, first of all, find a
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specialist who does the procedure. but then ascertaining the costs. >> reporter: ten years ago, doctors diagnosed her with limp lymph dema. now she is trying to find the best value. >> we don't know where the costs will go. or will there be cost overruns. no one will quote us. >> reporter: those answers are supposed to be easily found under california's payer's bill of rights. in passed in 2005, it asks hospitals to post the cost of their procedures online so anyone can shop and compare. it tracks how much hospitals charge for everything from gauze to medication to surgery. it also lists average estimates of how much an uninsured patient would pay for 25 different common procedures. using that data from california's office of health planning and development, we compiled a list of those prices
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for these procedures at 44 different medical centers in the bay area. we found wide variations in the prices or charges for common procedures as reported by the hospitals. everything from a chest x-ray, where the most expensive price is 19 and a half times higher than the cheapest price. to a level 4 emergency room visit where the most expensive hospital charges nearly $7,000 more than the least expensive. to a diagnostic colonoscopy, where the most expensive price is listed as $5,000 higher than the average of all the other hospitals reporting prices in the bay area. >> it does not mean that a high-priced hospital is providing better services. >> reporter: dr. renee shaw serves as an emergency room physician and a researcher at the university of california san francisco. >> i think some people might be surprised to know that there isn't any regulation of what hospitals charge, that hospitals basically are free to charge whatever they want based on what they feel like their costs are.
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>> reporter: the more we dug into the hospital pricing structure, the more we discovered that it's much like buying a car. in that people rarely pay the sticker price. >> we all know that price has nothing to do with what you're actually going to end up paying. >> reporter: while these figures might give you a rough idea of what one hospital tells the state they might charge for a procedure, in the end, there is no way to truly know ahead of time what a patient will actually pay. >> it's almost impossible to know as a consumer. >> reporter: mary beth shannon, marketing and policy director for california's health care foundation says because insurance companies negotiate these fees with hospitals, published prices rarely apply to a single customer. >> i think it is. because this has not been very transparent. there hasn't been a lot of visibility about what these different rates are. and here, i mean the negotiated rates, not just the gross charges. it is very difficult to actually determine what you're going to pay. >> several hospitals mentioned in this report told us their
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posted prices included different services for the listed procedures. they defend those prices. they do agree that that confirms exactly what our report found. there is no real way for consumers to know. we put their full statements on our website. just go to there you can also find a database of bay area hospital charges where they're compared, estimates for common procedures, so you can get a comparison of the listed prices. we've made it simple for you. experts say if you really want to know exactly what you're expected to pay, you have to go to your insurance provider. raj? >> all right, stephen, thank you. it's confusing for a lot of people. if you have a tip for stephen stock or anyone in our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to doctors have a dire prediction for fighting alzheimer's. new research out today shows the number of americans living with alzheimer's will triple in the
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next 40 years. these projections emphasize the need to find a treatment for the mind robbing disease. however, doctors fear a cure or better treatment is still far off. researchers are also focusing efforts on early diagnosis. our iconic mode of transportation came to a grinding halt today, injuring ten people. a cable car accident. a spokesperson from the san francisco municipal transportation agency says a bolt, he is showing it there, stuck in the tracks appears to have caused this accident. the cable car was filled with tourists and locals and came to an abrupt stop at powell and washington streets. investigators are looking into where that bolt came from, and how it got on to the track. well, get your walking shoes on and keep the end of august open if you want to be a part of bay bridge history. it will be the first time the bridge will be open to the public. people will get to walk, run, and bike across the bridge after the construction on the new eastern span is completed. the bridge will close beginning
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august 28th, and then open for the grand opening festivities. the exact date will be announced closer to the completion of the uconstruction. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri once again. and here comes a sluggish and sloppy commute for us. >> yes. it's going to be slow going here with some rainfall. but we'll finally get something we need definitely quite a bit here. developing showers off to the north. we'll have more on the rain timeline coming up. let's look at the temperatures. it is dropping fast. just a slight wind out here tonight. some of the low 40s feeling like the upper 30s. 46 in livermore and 47 currently in san jose. let's get you outside on the live hd sky camera network. you can see from palo alto looking across the bun barton bridge to the south. we do have the cloud cover increasing. and in san francisco tonight, mainly clear skies as we look off toward the golden gate bridge. but again, we've got this quickly advancing system off to the north. let's get you back into the rain timeline tonight. what you're going to find
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through tomorrow morning is the first rainfall will be those commuters up in the north bay, throughout santa rosa and novey vat total. gradually the rain is going to step off to the south. more of this definitive line as we head throughout the morning hours. also for the peninsula. and then back throughout the south bay. you may not actually get some rain until about 11:00 in the morning in the noon hour, and also 1:00 p.m. throughout the evening hours, we'll keep that chance of showers in the forecast. so basically, you need that umbrella throughout the entire day there on thursday, and also remember that jacket. but here is where it gets extremely interesting for bay area standards. 5:00 a.m. on friday we'll have a few lingering showers across the peninsula. maybe a little back across the east bay. temperatures in the low 30s close to the freezing mark. we may actually get some very rare low snow. it is not much, but from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 in the morning on friday, it's not much, 0.01 of snow on the surface. i think our best chance in livermore and san jose to see any snow would be more of a
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rain/snow mix there early on friday morning. but the big question will be will there be a rogue shower left to produce that nonetheless, something fun. and if you hear raindrops, you may want to take a look. you may see low snow flurries as well, down to livermore and san jose. our toyota tahoe ski report a base of 23 inches and expecting snow across the sierra thursday and friday. and for alpine meadows, we're also looking at temperatures in the 30s to mid and upper 40s. we've got packed powder and also a groomed surface. tonight 30s and upper 40s cross most of the bay area. tomorrow temperatures in the mid-50s. it doesn't matter for the coastline or in the interior valleys, it's going to be cold no matter where you go. throughout saturday's forecast, also on sunday. and that's going to continue as we head throughout monday and tuesday of next week. so keep those umbrellas handy for tomorrow. and get up early on friday. you may see a little bit of snow
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mixed in with that rain throughout the east bay. >> ooh. very nice. >> yeah, it will be good. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, parents watch live as a nanny slaps their 5-month-old baby. find out what happens next.
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the parents of a 5-month-old had their worst suspicions confirmed when they install adnan any cam inside of their home. the staten island couple out in new york was suspicious of their nanny, so they installed a camera inside a carbon monoxide detector. it caught their 52-year-old nanny slapping their baby girl in the face several times. the nanny is now being charged with endangering the welfare of a child and resisting arrest. up next, the celebs are in town down in pebble beach. it's big news from sergio romo of the giants. henry wofford joins us next.
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welcome back to nbc bay area. it's the only event on the pga tour where the fans don't come to see the pros. it's the celebrities that steal the show at pebble beach every year. and today was no exception. let's go out there where it's beautiful outside, as always. an "a" list showing at the
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pebble beach celebrity on wednesday. stars of film, television and music grace the fairways and greens of the historic course, raising money for charity and giving fans plenty to cheer about. take a look at this. huey lewis earned the biggest roar from the crowd as he chipped in to win the challenge on the final hole. >> i'd lucky to have this one right here on thursday. that would be awesome. this would be great. chip it in on 18 on saturday would be fact. >> it's a good way to get the nerves out, because i -- i take the tournament very seriously. probably to a fault. but i just have so much fun, you want to make that cut on sunday. this is a good way to get those nerves out and raise some money. over to basketball, where the warriors faced the defending western conference champions, the thunder. and there was a lot of thunder in this arena.
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there is kevin throwing it down. he had 25 points. then durant with the steal. reggie jackson gets the ball. back to their star player. durant, two-handed flush, no problem. fourth quarter, all thunder. as serge ibaka feeds kevin martin. he is going to throw it down, playing above the rim tonight. thunder went big, 119-98. all right. sergio romo is staying with the giants. wednesday he grid to a two-year deal worth $9 million to remain in the city by the bay. romo has been with the giants since 2008 and was a major part of both world series championships in 2010 and last season. romo, by the way last year was 4-2 with a 1.79 earned run average. great to have sergio on the team. raj mathai will be right back. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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well, our colleague, nbc news anchor brian williams has been known to dabble in comedy. tonight he stopped by the e! network. their show called "the soup" has a comment on what they perceive as his cattiness on certain news stories. >> time for our favorite stoygt, reero with brian williams. wait, rock center wasn't on this week. we don't have a clip of that. >> i can't believe i'm here either. >> i can't believe brian williams is reoring us in person. >> always a good sense of humor. >> thanks for joining us tonight. stay dry tomorrow morning. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>> jay: hey, bar, that godaddy super bowl commercial you did was great. it was one of my favorites. >> thanks, jay. that's so sweet. >> jay: hey, i'm thinking. any chance we could re-create the ad, you know? >> sure. pucker up. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- tim mcgraw! from the godaddy super bowl commercial, supermodel bar refaeli. and "ridiculous 911 calls." and now, jay leno!
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[ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! thank you! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." nice to have -- thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] hey, you know -- here's something you never think about. you know, before the super bowl was played, you know, they make up the super bowl champion jerseys and hats for both teams. they make thousands of them for
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